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Dzong ruins, a threat say Chapchaps

May 31, 2011

The people of Chapcha have been pushing for the renovation of the Chapcha Dzong to no avail. So far there has been no response from the authorities. They are now worried that the ruins of the Dzong might collapse posing a threat to the students and teachers of Chapcha primary school, which is located very close to the Dzong.

The Chapcha Dzong was once the seat of Chapcha Penlop. It played an important role in the history of Bhutan.

70 year old Gongtse recalls how “in the past, the Dzong was an important place of worship for the people and the seat of our leaders”

“It’s sad to see it in ruins. There is no one to take care of it. Though the villagers feel we should do something about it, there is nothing we can do”

Like Aap Gongtse, other Chapchaps too are not happy with the state of affairs. Local leaders raised the issue at several geog and Dzongkhag meetings.

Penjor, the Chapcha representative, said “I always include the need to renovate the Dzong in the Geog Yargay Tshogchung meeting agenda. I also report to the authorities whenever wind, rain and earthquake cause damage to it. But so far there has no response from the authorities on whether the Dzong would be restored.”

The Dzong is now a threat to the school children. Penjor, the Chapcha representative said “during the break time, the children are out in the ground, playing. I am worried that the Dzong might collapse should strong winds and earthquake strike it”

Chapchaps want the Dzong to be renovated. But if that cannot be done, they insist it must be dismantled before it crashes down.

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