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Bhutanese documentary wins Neuro Film Festival

Apr 24, 2015

Bhutan Epilepsy Project“The Curse, Bhutan Epilepsy Project” a documentary by Project Director, Sonam Yangzom won the Grand First Prize at the Neuro Film Festival in the US.

The film, funded by a Medical Doctor from the US, and made in close coordination with Sonam Yangzom, was recognized for exhibiting creativity and helping raise awareness on epilepsy. Bhutan Epilepsy Project--

The film is a story of a boy with epilepsy in a remote setting of the country and how his death is misconceived by many to be linked to epilepsy.

The five-minute film also shows how epileptic patients are discriminated. It further speaks of lack of research and health system in diagnosing and treating those living with epilepsy.


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