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Paro’s central school location questioned

Apr 22, 2015

Paro’s central school location questioned-As part of the school reform programme, the central school of Paro Dzongkhag was established in Wanakha under Naja Gewog. However, according to the local leaders they were not consulted, neither was the Dzongkhag education office while establishing the school. The issue was raised during the recent Dzongkhag Tshogdu in Paro.

Some of the Gewog leaders asked why public consultations were not made on the matter. “We are in a democratic era and everything is being done in consultation with the public. But in the case of the central school, the ministry sent the final decisions. Even the Dzongkhag officials were not aware of it,” said Thinley Dorji, the Gup of Wangchang Gewog.

The Mangmi of Dotey Gewog, Tshering, said it is concerning when the local leaders and the people were not consulted.

Some said the school would have had greater benefits, if it was located at Shaba or Tsento Gewogs. “Most of the people are located in the north, closer to the centre and the school has been set up in the south,” said Dotey Mangmi, Tshering.

The assistant Dzongkhag education officer, meanwhile, said that the decision was made by the ministry. He said the Dzongkhag education office received only the final plan.

The meeting decided that a letter would be sent to the education ministry inquiring why no consultations were made either with the people, gewog officials or Dzongkhag officials before making the decision.

The letter would also include an appeal that the school would have greater benefits if it was located closer to the centre.

Under the education ministry’s School Reform Programme 24 central schools have been set up across the country this year.

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