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Former candidate asks ECB to refund

May 26, 2011

A former gup candidate in Tsirang is asking the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) to refund the money he has spent on campaigning, after he lost to another candidate recently.

A bus driver of a public transport service, Karma Wangdi Sherpa was nominated as a candidate for the post of gup from Patshaling Maed in Tsriang. Happy, he resigned from his job and started campaigning. He spent around Nu.15,000.

In a turn of events, the former gup of Patshaling Geog returned to Patshaling Maed to contest the elections after he failed to fulfill the mitsi one year requirement. He had earlier transferred his mitsi to Chuzomza Chiwog.

Since there were now two candidates vying for the post from the same chiwog, a zomdu was called on May 23, where Karma Wangdi Sherpa lost to the former gup by seven votes.

Karma Wangdi Sherpa is now demanding that the ECB to refund the money he spent.

“The expenditures were incurred not because of my fault,” he said.

Karma Wangdi Sherpa requested the Dzongkhag election office for the refund. It was turned down since they have no authority to refund.

“I have spent all the money I saved from my driving job. Now they are asking me to go to Thimphu to claim the refund. I will have to bear additional expenses for that.”

Jobless and frustrated, Karma Wangdi Sherpa feels the ECB should take responsibility for the loss of his job and money.

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