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Absence of bridge renders farm road useless

May 16, 2011

The people of Goen Shari under Punakha dzongkhag celebrated when their village was connected by a farm road.

Road access is crucial for the socio-economic development of any remote community. Those with roads have prospered. Those without lagged behind.

Goen Shari residents therefore had a reason to celebrate. They had every reason to believe that they too were on the path to prosperity. Their joy was however short lived. They soon realised that without a bridge over the Mochu, the farm road is of not much use. Overtime the farm road wore a forlorn, neglected look, covered by thick bush.

Gomchen, a Goen Shari farmer, said “we need to maintain the farm road. A bridge is necessary but we also need to restore the farm road”

Tshering Gyeltshen, another farmer, said “the farm road was built about seven years ago. It has not been maintained. If we get a bridge, we need to renovate the road at huge cost.”

Travelers on their way to Goen Shari use a suspension bridge to cross the Mochu. From there, they walk for good three hours to Goen Shari.

A motor-able bridge will not only benefit the people living in Gasa. It will also benefit the thousands of people who visit the famed Gasa Tshachu (hot springs) every winter.

A motor-able bridge is in the pipeline for the tenth five year plan.

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