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Water shortage affects Damphu hospital

May 16, 2011

Damphu hospital in Tsirang has been facing a water crisis for many months. The hospital receives water from the municipal source. That source has been disrupted since last year due to road widening works.

The hospital’s lab has been hit hard by the water shortage. Water to wash hands, after each lab test, is fetched from outside.

Dr. Palden Wangchuk, the district medical officer, said “there is definitely shortage of water in the lab. Water is required for almost everything, starting from hand washing, washing of the test tubes and even keeping the area neat and clean, water is required.

The lab technicians are also worried that they might get infected without water even to clean the lab equipment.

“It is difficult to work in the lab without water. It is difficult to reuse the test tubes. How can we prevent infection without the water?” a lab technician asked.

There is only one tap with running water in the hospital. It has to be shared by both patients and hospital staff.

The crisis is expected to be resolved only when the hospital gets its own water source. With support from the dzongkhag, the hospital is constructing an independent water source.

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