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All three Damphu candidates disqualified

May 15, 2011

The recent announcement that the mitsi one year duration requirement will apply to the local government elections has come as a not-too-pleasant surprise for the three aspiring candidates for the Damphu Thromdey Thuemi (Representative).

The requirement was waived off during the Thromde (Mayoral) elections. It was reinstated recently. It means that candidates must have their civic registration registered in the constituency where they intend to stand for election at least one year before the elections.

The rule also applies to voters. They may however contest or vote in the constituency where they were previously registered.

All three candidates contesting for the post of Damphu Thromdey Thuemi are disqualified from contesting the upcoming local government election. They have not fulfilled the mitsi one year duration requirement.

Their candidature was accepted when the constitutional requirement was waived off by the Election Commission. It has also presented a dilemma for the contestants. All of them have almost completed their campaigns. They have also reportedly spent money for printing posters.

Our reporters says, despite the disappointment their concern only seems to be that their town will not have a thromdey thuemi.

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