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Haa Wangchuk Lo Dzong issue raised in NC

Dec 4, 2014

Haa Wangchulo Dzong issue raised in NCThe issue of Haa Wangchuk Lo Dzong was raised yet again in the National Council, yesterday. MP Tshering Dorji asked the home and cultural affairs minister when the people of Haa would get back their dzong back.

The Deputy Chairperson, Tshering Dorji said Haa Dzong’s historical importance has faded away over the years since it became the IMTRAT Headquarters in 1988.

The home and cultural affairs minister, Damcho Dorji said the current Dzong functions as the training centre that ultimately strengthens the armed forces. “I cannot say exactly when the Dzong would be returned to the people.”

As of today, about 75 percent of the renovation and construction of new Lhakhangs near the old Lhakhang are complete.

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  1. Pema Dorip

    I cannot help but post this out of frustration. Being a HAAP, our wish to see at least a DZONG cannot fade away at any cost. The actual DZONG is being used as military training centre, that is fine. Just like what have been doing in some other Districts, why can’t govt. afford to build a complete new one for us and for the nation as a whole rather than shifting every excuse to the renovation of Lhakhang Karp. We indeed need more than what is being done upon Lhakhang Karp.

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