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Residents brace for Monsoon

Apr 18, 2011

The Monsoon is around the corner. Usually farmers would be waiting in anticipation. The Monsoon rains are necessary for paddy transplantation. This time round, they are dreading it. The recent windstorm has left numerous houses without their roof. The Monsoon rains will fall straight into their homes. Those affected have been provided tarpaulins sheets but in the event of a heavy downpour, they will not provide effective protection.

In Dagana, one of the many districts affected by the windstorm, residents are busy covering their homes with tarpaulin. According to preliminary reports, the windstorm has affected more than 1400 houses including schools, health centres, and offices in ten districts.

Pema Dorji, a farmer in Geserling, is not just worried about the Monsoon rain drenching his home. “The rain will damage the walls of my house.”

He has to re-roof his house but he has no money. He is pinning his hopes on the insurance money and government support.

“I don’t know if the government can help. I am worried. I am not the only person who has been affected. Hundreds of people have been affected. They will all need help like me. It will be difficult even for the government,” he said.

In most cases, the windstorm has only removed the roof and damaged the rafters but in a few instances, it has also caused structural damage.

Nindukha, another farmer, is also worried. Like Pema Dorji, he is also pinning his hopes on the insurance.

“We have paid insurance depending on the size of the house. I only hope the insurance will be enough repair the damage.”

Officials are visiting the affected places to assess the damage and calculate the insurance. It is likely to take some time. The Monsoon is already in the air.

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