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Election fever grips remote Khoma

Apr 18, 2011

Khoma Geog is all set and ready for the local government elections.

Khoma is not a remote geog by Lhuentse’s standards. It is connected by road. A bridge over the Khoma River is under construction. Once it is complete, the people will no longer have to walk as they do now. For now they have to walk for about two hours from the nearest motor-able road. It has three community primary schools and a lower secondary school. It has a basic health unit manned by a doctor and five outreach clinics. Almost all the villages under the geog have electricity, mobile phone connections and safe drinking water supply. It is a prosperous village with paddy and maize as the staple diet.

Khoma women are known throughout the country for their dexterity in weaving. Kesuthara woven by Khoma women are much sought after by affluent Bhutanese and tourists.

These days, the village can talk of only one thing, the upcoming local government elections. The local government elections will elect a Gup (the village head), a Mangmi (the deputy) and a Tshogpa from each chiwog. Together, they form the Geog Yargay Tshogchug (the geog development committee) which plans and executes the local development activities.

The villagers appear decided about whom they will elect.

Jigme Dorji, a Khoma Geog farmer, “wants representatives who are aware of the government policies, people with experience, who will work for the good of the people.”

For Pema Choki, another Khoma Geog farmer, “their elected representative should be selfless, people who will serve with honesty.”

So far seven candidates have registered for the post of Gup, four for Mangmi and 13 for Tshogpas. The Geog has a population of 2,500.

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