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Bjobs ponder lifestyle change

Apr 14, 2011

Not much has changed for the semi-nomadic Bjobs. They have lived pretty much the same way they have lived for generations, wandering with their yaks from place to place looking for pasture.

The livestock department of the agriculture ministry has now come up with a project that may change all that.

The pilot project will be first implemented in Bje, Katsho and Eusu Geogs in Haa. Under the project, the Bjobs in these areas will be provided with solar power and bio-stoves. They will be brought together to form cooperatives. The diary products will be collected at a collection centre and sold in hotels and even exported enhancing their income and improving their lifestyle.

The project will also help prevent land degradation and conserve the biodiversity through sustainable rangeland management practices.

The yak herders will be provided access to enriched feed blocks from paddy straws.

The project aims to produce more than 200 kilograms of cheese and 50 kilograms of butter every day.

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