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Trongsa town extension going nowhere

Mar 30, 2011

Located on the Thimphu-Tashigang highway, the Trongsa town is a familiar sight for travellers. For most of them, it is mandatory to stop here for a while to stretch their travel weary legs, grab of a bite of something to eat or survey the one street town dominated by a bus stop and roundabout.

Even to the casual onlooker, it would be obvious, the town has not changed. Not much anyway. The traffic has increased. A few concrete buildings have come up here and there, replacing the single storied traditional houses. Apart from that the town has remained pretty much the same. And it is unlikely it will change, if ever. The problem is, there is no room for growth or expansion. There are plans though. It has however so far remained on paper.

As per the plan, which was drafted as far back as 2003, the town will be extended to Sherabling and Welling. The extended areas are yet to see any development.

According to the Trongsa town representative, the extended areas are far away from the present town. The district administration therefore proposed that the town be extended towards the PWD building. The proposal was cancelled as the area belonged to the roads department and the department wanted the area for its own developments. They then decided to extend the town to Welling.

Karma Lethro, the town representative, said “we requested the authorities to extend town to Welling. The area has no road and the land is belongs to private individuals.”

“We have requested the government to acquire the land and allot them to the business people but so far nothing has happened.”

The District Municipal Engineer in Trongsa has a number of reasons why the extension has not taken place.

“It has been a long time since the district administration initiated the town extension. Firstly most of the land is privately owned, secondly the area is located on a slope, it is also marshy, said Karma Tenzin, the District Municipal Engineer.

He also cited other reasons. “Urban amenities such as street lights, water supply and roads should be in place before such developments take place and fourthly, the allotment of the land should be allotted by the National Land Commission”

The residents and businessmen have been waiting. Their patience is running out but it is unlikely, the town extension will take place any time soon.

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