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The boon and the bane of a construction boom

Mar 29, 2011

With numerous constructions coming up at various places, Gelephu residents have been complaining. The construction materials are being unloaded and left on the sidewalk, spilling onto the road without any regard for the safety of the pedestrians or motorists.

Tenzin, a Gelephu businessman, said “there is no safety measure. If some mishap occurs, whoever is in charge will be in difficult situation”

According to Ugyen Wangchuk, another businessman, “recently, a construction material fell and hit a car shattering its windshield. The materials are piled carelessly along the roadside. I don’t know whose responsibility it is.”

Chencho Gyeltshen believes that there should be safety measures. “It is risky driving on the road which is already congested with vehicles. The constructions materials are strewn around.”

A few construction owners have put up sign boards to warn pedestrians. Apart from that there has not been much by way of safety measures.

The Executive Engineer of Gelephu Thromde, Chophel Dorji, said people are not allowed to unload their construction materials near the road. However, because there is no space, owners were allowed to unload construction materials required for immediate use on the roadside.

There are also complaints that laborers are not being provided safety gear like helmets, gloves and ropes. The labour and employment act requires employers to provide basic safety gear.

Kamal Pradhan, who is constructing a building in Gelephu, said “we were instructed not to keep materials on the roads but I have no idea about using helmets and other safety equipment”

Penjor, a labour officer with the Regional Employment and Labour Office, insists that employers must provide and educate the labourers on the use of safety gear but “though some employers provide safety gear, the labourers don’t want to use them, because they are not comfortable using them.”

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