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Mosquito nets are for mosquitoes

Mar 19, 2011

Mosquito nets are used to prevent malaria. They can also be used as effective fencing for your kitchen garden. Ask the people in Gelephu where residents have been using them for various purposes.

Gelephu is a malaria prone area and the Vector Borne Disease Control Programme in Gelephu provides mosquito nets free of cost to the residents to prevent malaria.

Yeshy Norbu, a poultry farmer in Pemathang, uses old nets “to prevent his hens from entering the vegetable garden. The nets are about three years old.”

Among others, people are using the mosquito nets for fishing or drying meat.

Another farmer said “the nets were given to us to prevent malaria but we don’t know what to do with the old tattered nets.”

The office of the Vector Borne Disease Control Programme in Gelephu distributes the treated mosquito nets once every three years.

According to Pema Samdrup, a programme officer, “you are not allowed to use the mosquito nets as fencing. It is risky to use them as fencing because they were chemically treated. We have now decided to collect the old worn out nets when we provide new nets.”

The number of people suffering from malaria has dropped drastically since the Vector Borne Disease Control Programme started distributing mosquito nets to residents in malaria prone areas in 2006. Last year alone, officials distributed 100,000 mosquito nets in these areas.

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