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Police promises swift action on traffic violations

Mar 4, 2011

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Police records show that road accidents claimed more lives than any natural calamity in the country.

In the last three years, vehicle accidents claimed the lives of 248 people and left 1,677 injured. To help minimise accidents, traffic police will be carrying out frequent vehicle checks on the highways, farm roads, towns and other accident prone areas.

The leading cause of accidents has been described as human error. It includes drunk driving, over speeding, reckless driving, negligence and driving without license.

The chief of police Brigadier Kipchu Namgyel said in the past few years, the roads have become wider but commuters are using them as a “play ground for racing, over speeding and dangerous driving.”

To minimise accidents, traffic police will be carrying out frequent inspections. The chief of police said those caught violating traffic rules “will be prosecuted.” He also appealed to motorists to “show some respect and regard for fellow motorists and pedestrians.”

The nationwide inspections will be carried at least once a week. There are over 53,000 vehicles in the country. Of that more than 29,000 are in western region.

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