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A storm in a whisky glass

Feb 26, 2011

Hoteliers, bar owners, and restaurateurs in Phuentsholing are incensed. They have not been getting their regular supply of liquor. They are accusing Sonam Main Liquor Shop of not providing them with the supply. Sonam Main Liquor is the authorised liquor distributor for the Phuentsholing town.

Karma Tshering Dorji, a Phuentsholing hotelier, said “we have run out of liquor. It’s been more than three months now.”

Sonam Jamtsho, a bar owner, said “I don’t know whether it is from the source or the shortage is due to other reasons.”

The Manager of the Sonam Main Liquor Shop maintains that the supply was inconsistent from the source.”

According to Anil Kumar Agarwal, the Manager of Sonam Main Liquor, “there is a shortage from the manufacturer.”

The manufacturer however denies this. The General Manager of the Army Welfare Project in Phuentsholing said the supply has been consistent except for some hiccups during the strikes in neighboring India.

Bar owners and hoteliers have also been complaining about the price of beer. They said the price of beer goes up by Nu.30 to Nu.40 a carton whenever there is a strike in the neighbouring Indian states.

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