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His Majesty meets De-Suung volunteers

Feb 18, 2011

His Majesty the King today met with the volunteers of the De-Suung training programme in Tencholing, Wangduephodrang. The training programme which is unique and first of its kind is another milestone in the history of Bhutan. It was conceived and created by His Majesty the King.

Upon arrival at the military training centre in Wangduephodrang, His Majesty the King inspected the guard of honour. After that, His Majesty was presented a parade by the Tencholing army. Addressing the 125 volunteers of the De-Suung training programme, His Majesty thanked the volunteers for taking part in the programme. His Majesty said the De-Suung volunteers must espouse certain universal values.

“If you are De-Suup, which means you are a responsible, conscientious and committed citizen of our country. You must have certain universal values, the idea of justice, service, duty and compassion,” said His Majesty the King.

His Majesty said the future of the country will be a mirror image of who we are and what we can achieve. His Majesty reminded the De-Suung volunteers that we have to base our role as citizens on our courage, capabilities, intellect, perseverance and commitment towards ensuring that Bhutan has a bright future. His Majesty said he expects that they have the most wonderful time in their life.

“You have to use this time to develop strong friendships, unshakable, indestructible, eternal friendships, first of all between yourselves, second of all between you and I and then lastly your relation with your own country. Now, based on friendship, duty, based on our intellect, our determination and the tenacity, that we will show, this is the only way that we can build a great nation. So it’s up to you to decide whether you want a good nation, a bright future or very bright future and a great nation that we can all feel proud of,” said His Majesty.

Later in the afternoon, His Majesty the King interacted with the volunteers over a lunch.

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