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Sewerage leak affect classes

Feb 16, 2011

Changzamtok Lower Secondary School has yet another problem, sewerage leaks. It is a lively atmosphere in one area of the school campus with children running around, playing, and engaging in conversation. Classes are even going on. While at another end of the campus there is virtually no one in sight. This is because of a sewerage leak near the class PP and 3 block. This manhole has been like this since last October. This is also an area where the students have their morning assembly. The area has a foul stench.

The Principal did not want to be filmed but told BBS that she had written a letter to the City Corporation in October but nothing has been done until now. She said that due to the situation the school has asked students of class PP to class 3 to come on the 24th in hope that the problem will be solved by then. Apparently the city corporation has blamed the contractor who is taking care of the construction for blocking one of the sewerage lines.

Samten Lhandup the head of the City’s sewerage network, did not want to appear on camera but said that the city corporation could not carry out the cleaning work because their tanker and machinery could not be taken into the school campus due to the new gate which was constructed. He also said that the manholes in the campus were buried when the construction was going on.

BBS caught up with the contractor Padam Badhur Mongar, who was looking for the manholes that has been buried due to the construction work. He said that the sewerage blockage was not caused by the construction work. It was the responsibility of the people who used the lines as well as the city corporation.

Will this problem be solved for good before they return to school on the 24th? Or will this blame game go on, with the children facing the brunt of this stinky situation.

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