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Samtse town planning painstakingly slow

Feb 16, 2011

The residents of Samtse town have been waiting eagerly for the local area plan to take off. However the process is painstakingly slow according to the residents. Samtse town established in late ’60s is one of the oldest towns in the country.

However, it has not seen any major developments since the ’90s. Except for one or two newly constructed buildings nothing much has changed. The slow progress of the town planning has been a major hindrance in the growth of business in Samtse. The town currently has about 300 business license holders but only 52 shops, hotels and bars.

“There are people who have license but due to shortage of houses, they are not able to open shops.  And those who have shops need a store house to keep their goods. A store house is out of question when there is barely enough houses to even open shops,”said Jabchu, the town secretary.

The Prime Minister, who was recently in Samtse for the midterm review meeting said while business near the border gate in India is booming nothing much has changed in Samtse town. This Lyoncchoen said must be because of the delay in town planning works.

Lyonchhoen said the absence of an internal Samtse-Phuentsholing highway hampers business in the town. He said town planning works should be finalized within three months and constructions should begin.

The Samtse urban town plan was initiated by the Department of Urban Development and Engineering services in 2004.  After numerous consultations with the public, the first phase of the local area town plan was finalised in July 2009. The first phase of local area will include Samtse core town area, AWP area, Devithang and Garigaon.

The report after the survey and demarcation of the plots, has been submitted to the National Land Commission. The municipal office is currently waiting for approval from the National Land Commission. A team of officials from the Commission is currently verifying the phase one of Local Area Plan, since January. The verification of the Land will be completed by the end of this month.

Once the verification works are complete, they will be submitting a report to the National Land Commission. While verification of the land will be completed at the end of this month it is not clear when works will begin.

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