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Fewer students in pre-primary level in Trongsa

Feb 15, 2011

While there is a 100 percent education coverage in Trongsa, the number of pupils enrolled in pre-primary schools has been decreasing.

Of the 15 community primary schools in the dzongkhag, 13 schools have less than 100 students. A classroom at the Simphu Community Primary school in Nubi Geog had only five students last year. The Dzongkhag Education Officer told BBS that it is not as a result of migration.

“Althoug we have not been able to carry out a detailed research on this, I think, there are no children population of school going age only,” said Tek Bdr. Subba.

The Prime Minister Lyonchhoen Jigmi Y Thinley during the midterm review meeting also said that this is a concern.

“I do not understand why the number of students studying in pre primary classes is decreasing. Is it due to the over sensitized family planning from the health sector or because students are finding the schools in the capital and other towns are better than the ones here?” questioned the Prime Minister.

The Education Secretary, Sangay Zam said a thorough review needs to be carried out in order to understand the issue.

She added that the ministry will send a team to Trongsa to study the case.

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