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Monasteries in Dangchu in need of restoration

Feb 14, 2011

Lhakhangs and Monasteries located at various places in the country best describe Bhutan to the outside world. However, with the passage of time, restoration of these historical monuments is becoming necessary. This can be seen in some of the remote villages like Dangchu in Wangduephodrang. Lack of budget and wood is a greater problem.

There are over 18 temples and monasteries in Dangchu Geog. Some of these historic monuments are as old as 500 years old and have started deteriorating. Today, one is greeted with cracked walls and remains of the old wooden beams in some of the temples.

A Dangchu resident said that they have not been able to carry out the restoration works because of lack of funds.

“Some people think that the lhakhangs belong to individuals while others feel that it belongs to the community, this is why we have not been able to initiate the restoration works,” said the former Gup of Dangchu.

Dangchu Geog’s present Gup blames it on lack of timber. He says lack of road network make sit difficult for the villagers to execute any work.

“We have also requested the government for funds, though we could not restore all the monasteries, we have plans to restore at least 4 of the lhakhangs,” said Gup Gup Phub Tshewang.

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