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Bhutanese film to be screened at two international film festivals

Dec 30, 2013

TheRedDoor“The Red Door”, a 15-minute local film, has been selected to be screened at two international film festivals. It will be screened at Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and Fribourg in Switzerland.

The director, Tashi Gyeltshen, says he does not make films to be recognized but is happy that his film is among those selected.

“The Red Door” is about the journey of a man. He is seen carrying a red door in the film. The red door is a metaphor for death. The film questions the notion of death as finality.

Tashi Gyeltshen shares that his film, at a very personal level, is based on the tragic event of his nephew’s suicide. He says the film is an attempt to console himself and keep his sanity.

“The Film does not have a conventional narrative type. It questions why death is painful and why we have to die. What I am trying to say is that, maybe, death is mundane as opening a door, probably we don’t die.” He said what he wanted to question himself. “Why death is painful because death at the end it is inevitable. We have to open the door.”

Tashi Gyeltshen was a journalist before entering the world of film-making. He has written and directed two other short films: ‘The Girl with the Red Sky’ and ‘A Forgotten Story’.


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  1. parop

    I sincerely Rejoice in you for this film ~Thank you so much and hope through this film everyone will realized how essential our life to immerse with Buddha dharma when death strike, it is path showing the things that will follow after our death …..Thank you!!!!

  2. dorji

    i too would like to watch your selected film

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