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RSTA, whose car is it?

Dec 28 2013
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There have been mixed reactions from the public with the deadline for transferring vehicle ownership drawing closer. As per the notification issued by the Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA), all vehicle owners will have to transfer their ownership by the end of this month. Now, the RSTA is swamped with people who want to transfer their ownership. Since the notification, more than 900 people have had ownership transferred.

We had the Chief Transport Officer from RSTA, Karma Pemba and Joint Commissioner from Department of Revenue and Custom, Ugyen Norbu to discuss the issue.

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9 comments on “RSTA, whose car is it?

  1. If RSTA is at all going to ask the vehicle owners to change their ownership in the given deadline it would be inconvenient for those who are abroad currently. RSTA needs to consider for those abroad to do the same please.

  2. Khoray2013 on said:

    As far as I know, most of the vehicle owners in the country have availed loans from banks or from other sources. So how does RSTA expect these car owners to come up with the money for changing the ownership within this short period of time. Are they really hungry to penalize these people?

  3. This chief transport officer has a horn on his head

  4. How comes that the Rsta is doing… specially for the ownership transfer they tell people who. . Have indian small car has to pay tax of 5% and the car. For quta…like ..pradothey don’t have pay …I this people should pay tey for example car cost…58Cr tax comes to 3lakh that would highly helpful to tax n public

  5. yeshi lhamo on said:

    Why its happening only at this moment, why not before. Its too late to ask people as we need time. RSTA should think of it.

  6. RSTA need to study why people don not change the ownership. I feel its becoz of high fee (5%). The fee need to be made affordable first. Most of the 2nd hand cars buyers are not that rich to pay the hefty fee. RSTA need to revise the fee first and then chase the goose.

  7. RSTA should think 1000 times before they apply this rule to innocent public.

  8. Aum Gyem on said:

    For import cars, the MoF has mentioned in the import license letter that the validity of the quota is 7 years and therefore those who have purchased import cars through vehicle quota, it should be seven years before they change the ownership, however with the recent draconian notice issued by the RSTA, it contradict the quota letter.

  9. People, take a moment to reflect on this issues. RSTA is doing this at the behest of the PDP government – it’s not their own initiative.
    Desperate situation calls for desperate measures, so, the government is looking for even the meanest means to get money, because there is no money in the government coffer.

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