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Tuskers decline in Phibsoo

Jan 26, 2011

The number of elephants in the Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary has been decreasing steadily. The elephants move in herds their numbers varying from five to 30. They can be sighted almost any day, moving gracefully through the thick undergrowth. But according to wildlife officials, they can rarely spot a tusker among the herd. They are fast disappearing.

Dorji Norbu, the assistant forest range officer, blames it on poaching. “Poachers are killing the tuskers,” he said.

Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary maintains grassy meadows and creating new water holes, hoping to keep the animals inside the territory and prevent them from rambling across the border and getting killed by poachers. Their efforts are not helping much, as it is apparent from the falling numbers of the tuskers.

The Phibsoo Wildlife Sanctuary is located about 35 kilometers west of Sarpangtar and covers about 278 sq km.

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