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Diabetes on the rise in Gelephu

Jan 25, 2011

The Gelephu hospital has been treating an increasing number of diabetic patients.  Doctors say this is mainly because of life style change and food habits.

Every day, the hospital is packed with people coming for health checks, mainly for diabetes.

According to hospital records, about 200 people have been detected with diabetes in 2010, an increase of one hundred percent from 2009.

Dr. Sonam Yangchen, a Medical Specialist, said “there is greater awareness and more people are coming forward to check if they have diabetes.”

Every Wednesday, the hospital conducts a routine check for diabetes and every week, hospital officials detect five to six new cases. This is also helping create awareness among the public.

Chodolkma Tamang is a diabetes patient. “I feel uneasy when I eat more. I know my sugar level has gone up,” she said.

Kharka Maya, another diabetes patient is “controlling her diet.” It is proving to be difficult because “I like to eat.”

“I get headache and pain. Doctors say I should control my diet,” said Tshering Dorji, another patient.

Currently, about 131 diabetes patients are undergoing treatment. Doctors say they should watch their food habits and excise more to reduce the sugar level.

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