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30 university graduates to leave for Israel

Oct 31, 2013

UNiGrad-IsrealAbout 30 university graduates were briefed by the Agriculture Minister today, on the internship course in Israel. The selected graduates will be soon leaving to Israel for the internship course in one of the private Agro-based firm for 11 months.

The Agriculture and Forests Minister, Yeshey Dorji said, the feedback, they received from the previous batch, was encouraging. The ministry had sent 10 staff from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests for the internship last year.

Lyonpo said the government will support the trainees. “The scope for them will be ample, once they complete the course.” He said they could take up agriculture farming. “The Government can also lease out vacant areas.”

The interns will be paid US$ 4.3 per hour, which will be about US$ 825 per month. They will also receive other benefits like medical insurance.

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  1. bhutan.la

    This is really very good news. Israel is a desert like area with not much rainfall. Yet it it one of strongest countries when it comes to agriculture. A lot of produces are available in supermarket even in the US. I think Bhutan should really learn to strengthe her agricultural sector so issues like the rupee crisis have minimal effect.

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