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Women detained for smuggling tobacco products

Oct 31, 2013

WomenDetainedTwo women, aged 39 and 45, were detained from Paro town on Monday, for smuggling tobacco products. Over Nu. 1,000 worth of tobacco products were seized from their shops.

The search was conducted jointly by the officials from the Bhutan Narcotics Control Agency and Paro police, after a tip-off from a source.

4 Comments for “Women detained for smuggling tobacco products”

  1. Denagchung

    Insufficient or incomplete story BBS. What happened to those ladies? Prisoned like the Monk? Or released on bail. I sometimes wonder what is done with the recovered tobacco product…..

  2. kuenzang

    We would be very happy if narcotic agency visits every night at party area and Drayang area where almost everybody smokes and sniff tabacco whole night.

  3. Helpinghand

    Heads off to informers. This is the way we can help our kind government to help curb such illegal activities and corruptions. Such corrupted people should be subdued.

  4. Mawong Nenzig

    We see and experience that the corrupted people have more cheating-skills to fool and cheat us in order to benefit them. Otherwise, how comes that it came to Paro all the way from Phuntholing crossing check-points and gates. Many cheating skills and ideas are being played by the corrupted people. So we must wake up to fight such corrupt and illegal practices. We all must report such corrupt and illegal practices if we see anybody doing this. We don’t want anybody becoming rich through illegal and corrupt practices.

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