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Minimum wage revised

Oct 30, 2013

MinLabourWageincreasedThe Ministry of Labour and Human Resources has revised the minimum wage rate for the lowest level of unskilled workers in the country. The revised wage is Nu. 125 per day. It will come into effect from February 1 next year.

The Labour Minister, Ngeema Sangay Tshempo, said the revision was done taking into account the soaring price of commodities. “The soaring price mainly affects the people of low income group.”

The ministry will issue the circular across the country tomorrow.

Until February, the minimum wage rate for the lowest level of unskilled workers will be Nu.100 per day. The rate was first fixed by the National Minimum Wage committee in 2011.

6 Comments for “Minimum wage revised”

  1. Haaba Dendu

    Who the hell will work for Nu.125 per day in this period of time. Government should keep in consideration of present market situation. If Nima Sangay Chenpo go to village and check the farmers how much they are charging he will know the truth. Even woman’s are paid minimum Nu. 400.00 per day. At paro Woman’s and mans are paid Nu. 500/ per day during Changla and Bja la.

    Best wage rate at this period of time will be Nu. 200 per day.

    • Karsel

      Haaba Dendu, that really true true……..I fully support you……………………………………………………………

    • Karsel

      Haaba Dendu, this is just a trick of our new govt. this is done only to keep the people mind clam, so that they can at least bring to people’s notice that they have done something for the country la and so that they can get credit for this. (just for name sake).

  2. bayong

    just i hv visited my home town last week in one of the remote places in one of the eastern dkhag and found villagers are charging more than 300/- per day in any kind of works done by them.125 is too less the concerned have to think of it la.

  3. dddddddd

    First of all good news to low income worker but it is extremely low, since Nu.125 is very low and if could Nu:150 to 200 should be there and on the other hand why not with effect from January 2014,why it is February 2014. In the villages paddy field we are paying Nu:200 to 250.Therefore, government rate should be more la as per my view

  4. dodo

    is it an insult for all those nation builders???????….how could some people think that one can survive with Nu.125 per day at this day & age???

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