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Unstable domestic links causes erratic internet connectivity

Oct 30, 2013

InternetConnectivityBoth the domestic links, that connect Thimphu to Gelegphu and Thimphu to Phuentshogling, were unstable yesterday, causing erratic internet connectivity in the entire country.  The erratic connectivity had impacted various offices, financial institutions and other related transactions.

The Officiating General Manager of Druknet, Tashi Phuntsho, said the problem was unforeseen and first of its kind. “We couldn’t notify the general public on time as the problem was unforeseen.”

He said the two links which goes to Phuentshogling and Gelegphu from Thimphu were unstable and, “flapping intermittently”. The lines ultimately connect to London and Hongkong.

The internet was restored by 4 in the afternoon, yesterday.

To avoid similar connectivity problem in the future, Druknet will soon come up with high capacity independent link between Thimphu and Phuentshogling. “It will have the capacity of 10 GB base link.  It will be on a separate fiber, an independent link just for data connectivity.” Tashi Phuntsho said once they have the additional line, it becomes a redundant link, which means when one fails, the other will pick up.



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    Independent link, heard this before n heard enough of such bull shits.

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