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Poorly equipped BHU not serving its purpose

Oct 30, 2013

PoorlyEquippedBHU-GoenShariEven after five months of its establishment, the Grade II Goenshari Basic Health Unit (BHU) in Punakha is not fully equipped. To practice medicine in a poorly equipped BHU is a huge challenge, according to Chogyel, the only health assistance placed there.

The BHU has 23 rooms including a patient’s ward and a delivery room. And most of these rooms are vacant. “I hope we receive medical equipment and other facilities within the 11th Five Year Plan.” Chogyel said many of the beds do not have mattresses and blankets.PoorlyEquippedBHU-GoenShari.

The BHU sees about 10 patients a day. “When I am on official tour or personal leave I have to close the BHU. It affects the patients coming for check-ups, especially those from remote places.”

The people residing in Goenshari said they should at least have two health workers in the BHU. “We would be grateful if government could provide an additional health worker,” said Tshering, who is a former Goenshari’s Mangmi.

 The Grade II Goenshari BHU was constructed at the cost of over Nu. 10 million.


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  1. jm gurung

    may not be 23 rooms in BHU grade II.

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