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Austerity Measure: Answer to the economic pressure?

Oct 30, 2013
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To control the recurrent expenditure the Ministry of Finance on August 23 issued circular to all Ministries, Autonomous agencies, Corporations and Constitutional bodies to voluntarily come up with austerity measures. The circular also states end of September as the deadline to submit their voluntary measures to the Ministry of Finance.

In yesterday’s News Hour, the finance minister, Namgay Dorji, shed light on the motive behind the circular issued to all the agencies including the corporations and ministries.

4 Comments for “Austerity Measure: Answer to the economic pressure?”

  1. Tashi

    Ha..Ha Austerity measures!
    This is nothing but just to target some of the institutions. Some of the institutions had done nothing on this measures but some foolish head of the institutions are trying to implement strictly. These measure is rather frustrating.

  2. Kota Yongba

    This was one very heart touching show by BBS. This topic took so long to be discussed formally in an open public forum. BBS could have certainly asked Lyonpo the austerity measures in major projects!

    There certainly is many wasteful expenditure expenses in projects, particularly Hydro projects.

    While Lyonpo would have safely responded saying that austerity measures in projects should be left to the Project management there is certainly a need to do something in the projects. it is logical that where the budget is large (certainly in projects) there is a likely hood of wasteful expenditure.

  3. Karpoi Gaywa

    My voluntary cost-cutting measures:
    ***I will not use govt. pool vehicles to drop and pick up my children to & fro home-school in order to save fuel consumption;
    ***I will not take both double share of both meats and vegetables during official meetings and parties on govt. expenses.
    *** I will not take expensive drinks/alcohol on govt. expenses during any parties.
    *** I will not claim Porter Pony claims if I have used govt. pool vehicles on my official tours.
    Thanking you la.

  4. Nenzhu

    We are in the opinion that these cost-cutting measures will only be done if only the financial power/authority holders improve their habits in approving such wasteful expenses. Otherwise, others can’t help except shout and express their opinions in the open forums and then forgets it like that…without any notice or action from any sources/concerned.

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