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MoLHR to send 30,000 Bhutanese to work abroad

Oct 29, 2013

LabourSecretary-30000-Bhutanese-to-work-abroadThe Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoLHR) has planned to send some 30,000 Bhutanese to work abroad over the next five years. This has been done in line with the directives from the cabinet secretariat stating that the ministry should explore avenues for employment overseas.

The Labour Secretary said that from the current year to 2017, about 1,20,000 people will look for jobs. He said not all of them will be able to get employed in the country. Starting this year, the Ministry is planning to send 5,000 to 7,000 people annually till 2017.

The Secretary said the Ministry has planned to pilot the initiative with countries where English is spoken. These countries are Australia, Canada, Singapore, Japan and Thailand. The Ministry has also looked into occupations like IT, accounting and financing, sales representatives, care givers and teaching.

6 Comments for “MoLHR to send 30,000 Bhutanese to work abroad”

  1. Bmobile

    This is a good move…high time that Bhutanese work in different parts of the world in different capacities. Appreciated…please take forward this initiative on a war-footing.

  2. Thinley

    It is also the opportunity for the hospitality and tourism students to explore and broaden their knowledge, if we are taken into consideration to send abroad for employment la.
    So i think it is the very good idea of reducing the unemployment.

  3. Anna

    With this labour export, how are we going to meet our labour shortage? The reality is that there is no labour in Bhutan, even if there is people cannot afford to pay them. A simple skilled person will charge 600-1200 per day.

  4. kars

    Thats god ideas where every body apppreciated it.

  5. Thukten chojay

    I would be very great full if i get this opportunity

  6. Thukten chojay

    I would like to join this job

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