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Sacred relics display in Trashigang

Oct 28, 2013

Nangten-TrashigangThe sacred relics from Norway were put on display for public veneration from today in Trashigang. The relics are expected to be visited by people from Samdrup Jongkhar, Pema Gatshel and Trashi Yangtse as well.

The crowd was not as huge as expected on the first day informs our reporter Chechey. Even traffic was controlled with organised bus services.

The relics will be on display till November 31.

2 Comments for “Sacred relics display in Trashigang”

  1. Pema Thinley

    I feel very fortunate to be born in Bhutan as very important relics are being displayed around our country n I got chance to visit.My Heart full thanks goes to those who took huge initiatives to bring those relics in our country. Thank u very much n we look same opportunity in future.

  2. Zangpoi Lhamo

    Blessing: Once I hear the good news itself, it came to my mind that I do not commit any unwholesome actions but accumulate virtuous deeds, tame and train my own mind towards purification of all defilements in order to benefit all sentient beings through my pure deeds, prayers and pure actions. May I and all be blessed by Holy relics accordingly and as wished/prayed by Lord Buddha.

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