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Should Singye Dzong be connected with a road?

Pema Namgay, Kanglung
Oct 28, 2013

singyeDzongSingye Dzong, although one of the most sacred sites in the country, is also among the most isolated. It takes three days on foot to reach the site. Singye Dzong is not connected by road, and is not open to tourists.

Singye Dzong in Lhuentse is considered the most sacred site of Guru Rinpoche in Bhutan. It is a three day walk from the nearest road head in Khoma village.

To preserve its sacredness, the government  has no immediate plans to connect Singye Dzong with a road. The Khoma Gewog administration has, however, proposed a farm road to be constructed till Tsikgang village. Tsikgang village is a day’s walk from Khoma village. Due to a budget ceiling, the proposal has been shot down for now, but the farm road has not been denied. If constructed, it will take only two days on foot to reach Singye Dzong.

A road till Singye Dzong would attract more devotees. The common feeling is that the sacred site will lose its sacredness if it becomes easily accessible.

But, Dzongsar Jamyang Khentse Rinpoche, says a sacred site need not always be isolated to be sacred.

“The effect to Singye Dzong is very relative. You know as a Buddhist, the holiest place is in Bodhgaya and it is right in the middle of four roads. That has not harmed the charm, the blessing, and atmosphere of Bodhgaya.” Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche said it would be wonderful if every Bhutanese could visit Singye Dzong at least once in their lives.

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Singye Dzong is  not open to tourists. Foreigners have to obtain a special permit from the Department of Culture to visit the site. Locals believe they would benefit should the government open the site to tourists.

“I am not completely against it. But tourists must change their attitude, not only here but everywhere. Tourism is one of the worst industries in the world because they have no loyalty to the country they visit.” He said tourists really don’t care about the environment. “All they care about is wifi, attached bathroom, hot showers, so on and so forth. But you can introduce good tourists who are culturally sympathetic and those who are devoted to the spiritual path.”

The Khoma Gup, Sither Tshering, said they have put up a proposal to open Singye Dzong to tourists. “But Lams say that of the five important neys of Guru Rinpoche, only one is in Bhutan and that is Singye Dzong. They say it will be better to keep the tourists out.”

Singye Dzong is one of the five most important sacred sites of Guru Rinpoche. It is considered the activity site (Thrinleyney) of Guru Rinpoche. The body (Ku), speech (Sung) mind (Thug), and knowledge (Yonten) sites of Guru Rinpoche are said to be in Tibet.

12 Comments for “Should Singye Dzong be connected with a road?”

  1. Haaba Dendu

    I will not support connecting Singye Dzong with Road. Better if we could at least keep Singye Dzong one day walking distance from motor road. It will not only keep the place secret but only dedicated people will visit the site. If Place connects to motor road all walks of people will travel for leisure and holiday which will make the place un hygienic and impure.

  2. ngyel

    I don’t support this idea too. Sacred places are meant to be kept sacred. Road connectivity will destroy every essence of being sacred.

    Please save it from being destroyed… _/\_

  3. Mawong Nenzig

    First of all, lets try to learn a lesson from the holy site of Buddha Point in our Thimphu. We see people are dirtying the places going there for sight-seeing and picnicking and what not for the enjoyment only. We see that some people are going there for name-sake and doing other things there. We really need to change our mind-set and attitude. But by only enforcing certain strict rules and restrictions and making them responsible and accountable. Civic sense also needs to be improved a lot and a lot. We are still lacking these senses.

  4. Kharka

    I strongly support Haaba n Ngyel la…
    better keep on preserving our holly places rather than destroying them la…

  5. Kinzang

    A big ‘NO’

  6. Advisor

    A million times NO NO NO…..
    In fact, everything precious in our country have been destroyed due to rural and dzongkhag roads.

  7. Lhamo Wangmo

    Both Yes and No.
    Yes to pure and devoted dharmic people. And NO to dirty and nonsense people.

  8. sonam jamtsho

    Why do they want road for s.dzong. Where publice places are left with big pot holls. I think it is a shame to every cetizen, mai.

  9. sweethome

    one day or other every place will be connected with the road. so if we have budgets then why not contruct road so that all can visit Rinpoche’s nye before they sign out from the world. from my side, Very Big YES,YES.

  10. DPT Supporter

    Do you know in the name visit what people do? They take photos and later it is thrown away which a sin actually. People does not know its sacredness. Therefore, i would not suggest but order be it anybody to keep sacred as sacred and open as open.
    Don’t think of money, we can earn money by any means, just not by opening visits to this sacred place. Keep pure milk as pure and don’t try to mixed with water. The taste will vanish. So i would say big NO! to this sacred place. However, if there are genuine or devoted people to go, let them and Department of culture can continue with what they done so far la.
    Thank you

  11. Norbu Norbu

    I would suggest not to open road up to the Singye Dzong but how about making shorter to 2 days journey for good.

  12. kinzang.

    Of course its good for old age people, but this place is our past secret place and it is very very Jinlap Chenpo Nye of our spiritual leader “Guru Rimpoche”. It the area is connected with road than there is chance of destroying some holy places and the Jinlap will become lesser the present due to deep of the people for outside country.
    Say not to connect, if it is require by the villager than the road may be connected upto one day walk to Singye Dzong, that will also save our secret teer.
    Thanking you.

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