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Several initiatives to encourage ICT

Oct 25, 2013

PM-ICTThe Prime Minister, Tshering Tobgay, said the government will put in several initiatives, to take stock of the effective use of internet services. He was speaking during the launch of 4G services in Thimphu, yesterday.

A taskforce will be formed to review and study the level of internet usage including that of cabinet secretariat.

“Do we use internet to provide good governance? Has the internet improved the efficiency within government? Do we use internet sufficiently to provide government services to the public at large?” said the Prime Minister.

He also said to ascertain the facts, the taskforce will also look at if internet connectivity has made doing business easier and improved education.ICT_Development

As an immediate measure, all the government websites will now be rated on quarterly basis to promote ICT use. “Every quarter, we will announce the best and worst government website,” said the Prime Minister. He said they will also announce publicly the least secured and most secured websites.

Lyonchhen added, as a personal commitment he will work towards making the cabinet secretariat paperless office.  Besides, Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay said, a data bank for IT professionals will be established to facilitate the largest unemployed ICT professionals in the country to develop ICT business.

Similarly, other initiatives includes, establishment of sufficient numbers of training, testing and certificate centers to continue professionals to grow by their own and policy changes among others.

Today, the country has a total of 3,000 kilometres of fiber optic cables providing connectivity.

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  1. Dorjee Norbu

    bbs please check spelling . Is not laugh but launch . It really describes bhutanese English . Where is editor and all. shame on you bbs. is a simple mistake . Please do it right away. may be typing mistake . But it really looks poor.

  2. Guest

    PM looks so stressed up and looks like he has lost some weight post election.

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