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Petrol price increases

Jan 19, 2011

The price of petrol has increased by Nu 2.22. A litre of petrol will now cost Nu. 53.86. The price hike came into effect yesterday. This is the second hike in just one month. In December the price of petrol increased by about Nu. 3.5 a litre.

The news of petrol price hike sent many vehicle owners rushing to the fuel depot the night before the hike came into effect.

The motorists are not amused.

“It has only been a few months since the last hike was announced. Now there is another hike,” said a disgruntled vehicle owner.

“We are surviving on a salary. If there is a hike in fuel price, the price of essential commodities will also get affected. It is very difficult to survive in Thimphu,” said another.

The fuel price increase will have a cascading affect. It will increase the cost of transportation with the consumers paying through their nose ultimately. Taxi drivers are already asking authorities to increase the fare.

Sangay Tenzin, a Thimphu taxi driver, said “the price of petrol has increased four times in just one year. When the fuel price increases, the taxi fare also should be increased.”

The price of diesel, LPG cooking gas and kerosene are still the same. This is good news. Trucks and heavy vehicles which transport goods and commodities use diesel and therefore the price of essential commodities is expected to remain same.

According to Subash Rana, the Regional Manager of Tashi Commercial Corporation, “only the rate of petrol has gone up. We use trucks to transport goods. Since there is no increase in diesel price, it should not affect the price of commodities”

This is the first fuel price increase this year and the fourth in one year period from January last year.

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