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RTI to be tabled in the upcoming Parliament

Aug 27, 2013

RTI_upcoming-ParliamentThe government has indicated they would table the draft Right to Information (RTI) Bill during the first session of the Second Parliament, which is scheduled next month. Although the Cabinet is still discussing, the Prime Minister has already posted the Bill online including his blog for feedback and comments.

The RTI Act is expected to foster good governance by facilitating information from public authorities. The draft Bill covers all levels of government such as Executive, Legislative, Judiciary and Military as well as private bodies carrying out public functions. However, Public Authority, under the RTI, will not furnish information that would harm sovereignty, security and relations with foreign countries; and any information that concerns private and non-official affairs of the Royal family and others.

As per the Bill, public authority will need to provide information not later than 14 working days after the receipt of a request or within two days if the information reasonably appears to be necessary to safeguard the life or liberty of a person.

5 Comments for “RTI to be tabled in the upcoming Parliament”

  1. lotay

    Im against the RTI bill.

  2. Piru

    Why royal family exclusion. This is democracy and everyone should be accountable. Everyone is within the law

    • lees

      Oh…. Mr/Ms Piru there is something wrong in your mental that your sense of thinking takes in negative manner, you firstly should be given counselling thereafter you should be dealt accordingly. You don’t know even the significant of HRH royal families, we enjoy in this peaceful country due to their great deeds to bring the country in stable a years ago taking part in every respect of their life to bring Independence. Please think bfore you drop comments, take care….

  3. pema

    The group of people who will wave RTI in the air to fulfill their selfish purpose will be private media doing investigative stories. Just watch.. these people will not allow the public servants to work at all. They will hound the govt. offices and the civil servants shall forever waste their time supplying information to these people for their sensational stories so that they can maximise their profit. If you dont cooperate, they will take you to court again waiving the RTI Act. Why some papers was again and again howling for RTI bill since one year back? For selfish motives. Civil servants, prepare to work as information suppliers to investigative journalists!

  4. natharam44

    RTI must important to know the fact of the people

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