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House in Paro razed

Jul 25, 2013

Fire-ParoA two storied house in Paro town was razed by a fire today. The fire is believed to have started around 8.50 am. Though residents suspected an electrical short circuit, officials confirmed gas leakage to be the cause.

Police said the fire started from the kitchen of a restaurant in the ground floor and spread to the whole building. There were no casualties.

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  1. Saftee Measure

    It is very very sad to notice that, that most of the time we hear about the fire accident cases are caused by, of gas leakages and electric faults and one other is “Bukharis”.

    So we are in the opinion that if somebody could give us some ‘SAFETY MEASURES AND MAINTENANCE GUIDE ON THESE HOME APPLIANCES’ so that those incidents are not caused by this sort of carelessness and lack of this knowledge for proper usages.

    Due to this sort of fires both the people and govt. is at lost. So we are simply concerned and share my opinion for the benefit of all. Thanks.

  2. rinchhen

    There was introduction of fire estinguisher called Elit Ball or somthing sometime ealier. Why is this not been used by any fire fighters? Was it just to inform people that it is being used in other countries?

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