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Seven detected with malaria in Gelephu

Dec 30, 2010

Gelephu hospital has detected seven people with malaria so far this month. This is the second highest malaria cases to be detected in a single month. The highest was recorded last April when the hospital detected 36 cases.

Malaria is still a cause for concern in tropical areas according to medical doctors.

Many people are visiting the Gelephu hospital to check if they have malaria. This month, more than 30 people visited the hospital with malaria like symptoms. Of these, seven tested positive.

A team of supervisors and health officials who visited Gelephu blamed the rise in the number of people suffering from malaria on dirty surrounding.

Malaria is spread by mosquitoes. They breed in stagnant dirty water.

According to Sangay Chhophyel, a malaria supervisor in Sarpang, “the people have not kept their surrounding clean. The drains are clogged with garbage and discarded plastic bottles.”

The City Corporation has provided bins in various places and pickup truck collect the garbage regularly. However the residents are not making proper use of these facilities said the officials.

“Everyone must make concentrated efforts to keep their surroundings clean to prevent malaria,” said Sangay Chhophyel.

Meanwhile health officials are urging people to use mosquito nets even in winter.

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