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Newspaper accuses DPT candidate of political ploy

Jun 25, 2013

The-Bhutanese--Press-ConferenceThe Bhutanese newspaper has formally lodged a complaint to the Election Commission of Bhutan against the DPT candidate, Kesang Wangdi, from the Khamdang- Ramjar Constituency in Trashi Yangtse. A release issued by The Bhutanese stated that the candidate had made defamatory statements about the newspaper.

The press release stated that the DPT candidate, Kesang Wangdi while answering a question from the audience in a common forum in Trashi Yangtse, made several untrue and defamatory statements against the paper.

The Editor in-chief of the paper, Tenzin Lamsang said that the candidate insinuated that the paper is behind malicious online content. He said the candidate also denied The Bhutanese’s story on former ministers and their wives owing land near the education city.

He added that The Bhutanese refutes to all the statements, made by the DPT candidate.

The Bhutanese will also appeal to the Journalist Association of Bhutan to intervene on the matter. The Bhutanese after consulting with ECB will then look into exploring other legal options available on the issue.

DPT rebuts 

DPT--Education-CityDPT’President, Jigmi Y.Thinley, said he agrees with the statement made by DPT’s Khamdang-Ramjar’s candidate. “The Bhutanese have always been, from the beginning, engaged in nothing but the defamation of Royal Government and the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa, including individuals such as myself.”

He said it is an interesting irony that The Bhutanese find itself complaining against somebody for defaming it. “Its sole propose, as far as I can see, is to engage in defamation, undermine the government and people of this country.”

Jigmi Y.Thinley also said it is true and fair to say that Bhutanomics and the Bhutanese are working together. “They are perhaps managed by the same individuals, same funding sources and they corroborate each other lies and their defamation exercises.”

47 Comments for “Newspaper accuses DPT candidate of political ploy”


    Yes truly said your excellency! mostly this paper has been criticizing DPT in every paper. Tenzing Lamsang as a editor he dig out each and every untrue statement and then published in his news paper just to brain wash the readers mind to get vote for PDP. He is one of the right hand to PDP since he is related to PDP President
    (Tshering Tobgay). If it is not true, why this paper is not at all writing about the lying Party (PDP).

    • yuleynamgay

      SANGWANG do you have any proof that Tenzing Lamsang published statement is untrue and he just did it for the sake of PDP. if you have a proof we love to see it.. and if you dont have then stop blaming PDP’s president.. if relatives count then DPT president cousin is a gup. and we could have blamed it or made a report to ECB but we dont have any proper proof mey.. he being a gup elected by the people and when election comes then he tells people that they have to vote for DPT… thats the reason people didnt wanted to go for vote coz they want to vote for some other party, and when they couldnt vote neither go against their own leader they stayed back home during the primary round.. so blaming eachother makes everything miserable.. so if we stay on our own place and let them do their work its better mena… “rang kew ena Do yang muu,” if its ur responsibility then do it other wise why are you trying to spoil the image of DPT…R u a supporter of PDP too………….

  2. SONG

    It is very sad to know from JYT saying the statement made bay cand Kezang Wangdi was true,we r thinking dat he made mistake between bhutanomics.com and The Bhutanese coz he even said The Bhutanese is banned in bhutan by court were The Bhutanese was not involved in any court.now we came to knew dat DPT government will consider good citizen of bhutan if
    media house remain very silent to dpt government
    if all voters vote for dpt blindly
    if opposition party is too small and very silent to dpt corruption practices
    if all organization cooperate with dpt corruption

    • Judgeman

      If you are sad to know the truth then do you want to know all the statements made the BHUTANESE and BHUTANNOMICS against DPT. IF so try to judge your self you are no more power hunger like DPD president and DNT president. Please atleast think for our younger generations instead of receiving bribe from PDP and DNT. All knows PDP and DNT is the dirtiest party in the world who have cheated ECB by receiving state fund of 130000 each for 47 candidates to form coalitation against DPT.

  3. awaza

    Both the “The Bhutanese and DPT should lodge a complaint and file the case on this topic, there after only one will realize, know who’s fault it is? without filing the case we cant judge who’s right it is.

    • Drup

      Yes better go to court, we are eager to hear who is right and who is wrong

    • Dragtshen

      We didnt expect such comments from former PM. He even said that ”The Bhutanese Paper and Bhutan Nomic are sponsored by some influential and rich supporters of PDP on BBS on 25/6/13 News. We should make him justify. He have no bother on his accusations,in general He himself is not better than BHUTAN NOMICS giving all false promise and information to the people of Bhutan personally.

      • Judgeman

        Wai Dragtshen you are really a dragtshen do you think you are a real citizen we think you are no more then a NGOLOP(anti-National) who is always against our Government. You will love only if you are getting more money from Government as if you didn’t see the money before. You know how to go against a PM who is the real resource of out people. Thats why you are even a worest then a NGOLOP.

  4. Namgyel

    Why hasn’t the DPT filed a suit against The Bhutanese. DPT President had been saying the same thing over and over but never knocked the door.
    That would mean one thing- Whatever The Bhutanese writes, everything is true and same was also said by Tenzin Lamsang. He said he has he proof.

    Now who is telling the LIE here.

  5. Daji

    First Bhutanomic Properiotor Or tenzing Lamzang should be brought to the Law of Court for defaming the DPT.Than Bhutanomic media should terminatted and cancelled the licence.We hope If DPT get the Rulling Govt, first of all This tye of Media shuld blackout and terminated, who is always supporting PDP.IF this media their should be equality. This media is for PDP only.

  6. sonam gyeld

    it is mostly Tenzin Lamsang who creates misunderstanding among’s us .. Lets have action on Tenzin Lamsang ..

  7. Sonam Toka

    Refer the published papers of The Bhutanese. There one will find published about the DPT only.

  8. Daji

    Hello Song.
    Do you think media’s job is only for critising one part. No it is very wrong, there should be equality and Prejudic.Otherwise, this type of Media shoudl be bring under the control of Penal Code Section 317 for defamation.
    A defendant shall be guilty of the offences of defamation, if the defendant intentionally causes damage to the reputation of another person or a legal person by communicating false or distorted information about the person’s action, motive, character, or reputation.

  9. Phub Dorji Wang

    Truly it is an irony for THE BHUTANESE newspaper to get alarmed by the slightest provocation by DPT’s Khamdang-Ramjar’s candidate. Immediately they want to look options, to challenge the candidate. The way the BHUTANESE editor spoke in yesterday’s news was as if he was hammered. He should be reminded, that the people he accused over the past will also have the same feeling as he did. But we observed, they have controlled themselves as they are running the government. Further, at the time of election it is unwanted of any newspapers for that matter to report exaggerated topics to one party only. Indeed, it is queer world.


    The DPT government is always telling to give independence to the media and if this is the way they support than lets not think about giving them in dependency. DPT government will be hapy if media says good. Y our good government is acting childish… ???? This may be the truth and fact what the paper said

  11. Dorji W4ngchuk

    I am neither a politician nor a politically-minded person, but being a citizen, who wishes democracy in Bhutan to succeed and flourish for the benefit of the people and country, I am a bit torn between the ideas of freedom of expression, freedom of media, and so on, and the ideas of benevolence and responsibility towards one’s country and people. We are told that “freedom” is indeed the core of a healthy democratic society. I believe this should be the case. But what does “freedom” really mean? For example, what does “freedom of expression” really mean? Does it, for example, mean that we can spread lies, misinformation, and hate? Even if we believe what we express represent truth and benefits, can we express everything about everyone or everything and everywhere? The bottom-line thus seems to be that our “freedom” must always be accompanied our (positive sense) “responsibility” towards other human beings. I have the freedom to be benevolent, and not to be malevolent; to benefit others and not to hurt them. An ethical guideline for exercising freedom of media and expression seems to be that, if we criticise, then we should do so out of concern, and not out of contempt! If we are criticised by others out of concern, we should be able to consider and take those criticisms. Purely hypothetically, if enemies of Bhutan and Bhutanese people criticise Bhutan and Bhutanese people out of hatred and contempt, their motives are clear and their criticisms are bound to be “destructive.” We may disregard them. If friends of Bhutan and Bhutanese people criticise Bhutan and Bhutanese people out of affection and concern, their motives are clear and their criticisms are bound to be “constructive.” We should take them seriously. In short, if we criticise, let us do so out of care and concern. If someone criticises us out of care and concern, let us take those criticism as medicine. If we manage to do this, we will mature as nation and a people.

    Note that I am nobody, but only a concerned Bhutanese citizen.

    • Phuntsho

      But what Tenzin Lamsang and theBhutanese do is criticize with contempt and with so much vindictiveness.

    • lama

      I completely agree and salute you. The editor of and The Bhutanese should lay the evidences against the incumbent government on the floor and let the citizenry decide. It would be quite interesting to see what the incumbent government has been doing behind closed doors.

  12. kinzang

    Ya its true that the case should be dealt legally

  13. Solar

    The only objective of TL is to defame JYT and DPT. His paper is funded by someone for sure. How can he deny that.

    • SONG

      you or dpt gov have any prove the The Bhutanese is funded by PDP,other wise why you and dpt gove always speak on dat.if it is true you and dpt gove should take to court.else you all r sahmeless

      • Judgeman

        Yes DPT has proof and not only DPT even most of the people knows that TL is PDP’s president Tshering Tobgay’s relatives and all knows Tshering Tobgay has helped Tenzing LAmsang to establish the news paper to defame and criticise DPT. What resons do you want more then That. If you really want to know more then that you can hang yourself to death you are extra people in Bhutan.

    • Karma

      I suggest the concerned authority such as BICMA to investigate what is happening with Lamsang. Everyone knows that when he established the paper ‘the bhutanese’, he presented himself as proprietor of th paper and for that matter CEO i.e management of newspaper should in no way interupt the functioning of news. How ever, he did wrote articles. Firstly authorities as well as people should realise how he could have set up the business employing many journalists, machines and support staff when he was himself a journalist who receives only monthly salary. Definitely he s financially receiving support from somewhere. In fact, paper has been biased focusing only on DPT. it is good tat media bring out the issues into public domains. But if you review all the news, he have focused only on DPT. this makes every people suspicious of his intention.

  14. Bothpa

    If the Bhutanese is not the supporter of PDP Why TL is not digging about the Bribery case in HAA Sombeykha.The Bhutanesre paper is full of allegation against DPT.The Bribery in HAA Sombeyka in OL constituency is a grave concern for the people of Bhutan.TL you should dig out and bring it out to the people of Bhutan who is behind the bribing the people.We dont think Nima Tshering can afford to give Nu 17,000/ from his pocket.So TL you should also bring out the corruption being done by PDP,the whole people in the country knows that your paper is one sided,we cannot believe in your paper,But TRUTH should always prevail.
    We don’t see any corruption involved in DPT member possessing land nearby EC,many of them inherited from their ancestors as per the constituent every citizen have the right to buy the land legally and settle in any part of the country.
    So you too can buy the land very close to EC,any how their land are quite far from the EC.

  15. Mongggar

    TL is stooge of Tshering Tobgay. Heard The Bhutanese is funded by EX-OL’s brother. If it correct, the very coverage is conflict of interests. From past editors working with The Bhutanese, I heard Tenzin Lamsang wants to blame others but cannot accept the slightest blame.

    The downward spiral for The Bhutanese is only beginning. I want to the Bhutan closed not that it didn’t do good works but it did bad works most…..

    • haap

      sorry man i know very well about EX-OL and his family,no one of his brothers are rich enough to fund any of the organization.they r hand to mouth.plez dont blindly comment

    • karma zagpo Pemagatshel

      Mr. Bothpa, for your kind information DPT is the teacher and he has taught evry one well. You are saying that” his Bribery in HAA Sombeyka in OL constituency is a grave concern for the people of Bhutan.TL you should dig out and bring it out to the people of Bhutan who is behind the bribing the people.We dont think Nima Tshering can afford to give Nu 17,000/ from his pocket.So TL you should also bring out the corruption being done by PDP,the whole people in the country knows that your paper is one sided,we cannot believe in your paper,But TRUTH should always prevail.” you are not writing about the DPT bribing the people in trashigang and pemagatshel in 2008 elections.and many more. You know all the candidates talk about giving chance to the younger generations.But in DPT they are more old and disabled old candidates in DPT. Why dont they give chances to the younger generatio- ns.for example: Lyonpo Nandalal: – disability of hearing. and Thakur : getting hyper while lieing to the publics. and lots with blood pressure and unethical characters. They should be giving up? what will be the root cause to our democratic elections and what kind of leader we will get in future?

  16. sonamwangmo

    Thebhutanese is owned by Tenzin Lamsang and PDP tshering tobgay’s younger brother so no wonder they always write bad about DPT. It is really funny that TL wanted to sue DPT candidate for his statement at times like this. He is clearly doing that for political mileage

    • karma zagpo Pemagatshel

      If that is the case why JYT of DPT does not want the common forum of the presidents.Is he scared that his truths will be revieled in the debate to the public?Or is it that he does not want to be transparent to the people. Is he scared that all the truths of Education city and chinese bus etc etc will come out in the debate. His lies cnnot be hidden for a long time. He likes people from east rather than the people from the Town and devoloped areas because they are under his slavery.

      • Judgeman

        If you want the reason why JYT don’t want prsidential debate then you are fooling your self since the reason is all cleared by JYT on BBS. Are you not understandind what is spoken by JYT. Or are you a animal.

  17. Chota Don

    The Bhutanese is paper always trying to criticise DPT, from there we can understand that it is supported by PDP….what ever it is….we the people of Bhutan are not fools. ……my vote is for DPT…..& its 100% sure that again DPT will rule the country……BEST OF LUCK. Vote for DPT

  18. gigdrel

    NOTE:- I am not on either side.I have been going through all comments made by different people and what i thought was if our former government had served our country to fulfil people’s expectation then they dont have to panic this time. People will natually vote for them only. As a saying goes “Daal ma kuch Kala hai”. Lets hope for the best.

  19. dorjip

    DPT should have told this on TL’s face when they were in power. The Bhutanese has been very biased throughout and DPT tolerated for long and may be they have to confront TL now as it has reached a saturation point. The Bhutanese is not only media houses in Bhutan. We do have many media houses but we did not see other medias (forget BBS and Kuensel) even the private media houses who has been so biased. I wonder whether TL ever knows the media ethics. As far as I know media should always give balance views of both parties instead of victimizing one party. Since we are all Bhutanese even the media house “the Bhutanese” should report their views and opinions in true Bhutanese spirits instead of always defaming the targeted individuals and groups.

    One thing what we should realize is DPT and JYT never blames or accuses any other media houses. When ever they talk against the medias they had been referring it to The Bhutanese and Bhutanomics. Look at the map on Education city issue published by the Bhutanomics and the Bhutanese. They look almost identical with just minor fine toning by the Bhutanese. Any fool will know that this map is being prepared by same person.

  20. harmony

    People of this country, mostly literate with their clear conscience know what this THE BHUTANESE is all about and its intentions…more he tries to play smart, more he is going to be punished, sooner than later…may TRUTH PREVAIL in such journalist, who doesn’t seem to be having a single JOURNALISTIC ethics and their role in informing the people.
    Beauty behind all these cases is that, very rarely our Bhutanese so called journalist working and owning media houses don’t have formal journalism professional course….which is very sad and these problems are arising due to all these.

  21. Demong

    For Bhutanomic newspaper.
    If you are media for the benefit of our country, why you have not publish bribery case of Nima Tshering of Sombaykha, Rangtse under the PDP’s president Tshering tobay’s constituency.
    That ‘s why the properitor of the above media should dealt as per the Penal Code section 438(a)and thereby Licence should be terminated immediately. we the people are waiting for this to hear very soon.

  22. hazelnut

    didn’t know that this paper is partly owned by TT’s younger brother. No wonder it always reports against dpt and non against pdp. so this makes sense when TL is acusing dpt candidate for making defamatory remarks about the paper(which in fact is not true). he is simply feeling guilty and scared.

  23. nobody

    what soever it is we want a Media which can bring all peoples of the nation together rather then parting..thereby those media and social websites especially the The Bhutanese and Bhutanomics and proper legal course.

  24. Daji

    PDP president Tshering tobay filed against DPT Collation prove,so what type of prove do you want Mr.Ex.OL. your ozorong Samkhar Candidates Norbu wangchuk is there for one prove and Seven candidates are there for your prove.Dasho kingzang wangdi said in the BBS, one or two candidates can be changed, if the candidates get sick and unble to attend ,disqualification, and related to election rules this are the prove from the people.OL have did eveything onesense and you never accept the alllegation, instead you are always blaming DPT.The Cour of law is not only for you, didn’t recollect the past won of taxing case. Always not sunday for you. One day you have to serve such servious action.

  25. Daji

    Mr. song?
    Please listen, do you think person appproaching Court and Police offices are good, The people who doesn’t have good hearted mind will always seek this two office,NO THA DANG DAMSE AND SAMPA SEMKEY. So, Mr. song also seem notorous person, who support the person like ex.OL who seek help from the Higher Authority to win the race. but see and watch this doesn’t make any sense. instead, if Nation heard this type of news totally upset to PDP.
    We the nation know 90 percent who is supporting PDP, like in the year 2008.Please don’t hide all this.Saying goes Like this: Sangwala ni Chipor Ngya.Otherwise, from where the PDP get money to bribe and giving Each new candidates of DNT who joined PDP NU.1,00,000/-per head.Am I right.If you don’t believe me asked them, some are even now ready to tell and already told to us.

  26. Mongggar

    Congratulation PDP for getting money for 94 candidates in primary round. Much better than return of one Prado..

    • goodgirl


  27. Karsel

    Tenzin Lamsang, why this time? why this time? if u were knowing the story of the education city earlier why u didn’t launch the case earlier. why this time? It makes clear that you are one of the true supporters of PDP, i think. From my personal view it is not time for you to dig such things, if you really want to do then wait till the completion of the General round. There is ACC, there is law in the Country, so why don’t you wait for the right time. And for that time we will wait and see who is right and who is wrong.

  28. anti-forum

    Mr. Pangu,
    Everything has its limit. Becareful, sky and earth knows how biased your papers are. If you contunue farther you might cost your life.

  29. tens

    The proprietor of Bhutanese is crazy, he need to be silenced!!!

  30. Drangpo

    Hello Innocent citizens, rise up, wake up and be wise in undertaking any form of decisions. be it words. if you are thinking of 130,000.00 * 47 for DNT joining PDP,which comes to Approx. 6,110,000.00, what about DPT taking 45 prados @ approx 3,000,000.00 that sums to 135,000,000.00 (approx), that too in the name of soelra.
    vote is also a soelra and we give to them for serving nation, in a same way, the soelra should benefit nation, not individual for many times. OL has done wonderful, for sure, it will benefit nation to great extent.
    DPT is not brave, they r chicken heart. one should be happy when capable person are entering, rather they are fearing of losing the post. what a fearful DPT. common, be brave to lead the nation.
    Edu. city, 1 billion USD project for 30yrs tax exemption??????? will our nation really gonna reap benefit from this??????
    Let us be wise….

  31. goodgirl

    Will DPT now say that the Times of India is an ‘organ’ of PDP?
    Read ToI article on how DPT has run the country in the past five years and how India views it.


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