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Garbage problem in heaven

Dec 27, 2010

Zangdo Pelri is the heavenly abode of Guru Rinpoche. It is a paradise where the elderly hope to be reborn in the next life. The Zangdo Pelri complex in Thimphu was build with that in mind. Not for the elderly but for our Bhutanese youth. It was built as a modern day paradise where they can come together to play games, read, or meet friends. It is serving its intended purpose. But it is also dealing with a modern day problem, garbage.

The parking lot is no better than a garbage disposal site. The corner around the parking lot is apparently used by people to dispose garbage.

Karma Rabgay, a Thimphu resident, passes by the complex “almost every day. It is the meeting place for many people; lots of cars are parked here. With so much happening here, there is a lot of garbage.”

The City Corporation has provided bins in various places and its pickup trucks visit the complex regularly to collect the garbage. But it is apparent, this is not enough. It is now planning to provide more bins through what they call a “public private partnership.”

Pema Dorji, the Senior Environment Officer, is however not very sure that this will work, blaming the problem on the lack of civic responsibility.

“If people are irresponsible, there is nothing much the city corporation can do,” he laments.

Keeping the city clean has been an uphill battle for the city corporation.

“We try to provide all the services but if people do not cooperate, if they are not aware of their civic responsibility, then it is going to be difficult.”

The City Corporation has also fined people for dumping garbage in the area.

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