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New rehab centre, not many takers

Dec 27, 2010

Alcohol and drug dependent women now have a separate rehabilitation centre where they can get treatment and professional support.

Located in Serbithang, several kilometers from the hustle and bustle of the capital town, the Nazhoen Pelri Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre for Drug and Alcohol Dependents was started in August this year. Since then, eight women have completed a three month rehabilitation course. Another seven women, most of them alcohol dependents, are undergoing treatment.

The centre is however struggling to attract people partly because not many people know about its existence but mainly because of the social stigma associated with entering a rehabilitation centre.

Paygom whose daughter is undergoing treatment at the centre cannot understand why people should be embarrassed. She had come to visit her daughter when we met.

“There is no reason to feel embarrassed. They did not steal or murder.”

Wangchuk is the programme manager at the rehabilitation centre. He said “women are not coming forward because of the social stigma. Surely there are women out there with alcohol or drug problem as there are men.”

He is asking parents to bring their daughters to the centre if they are alcohol or drug dependent, insisting that parental support is crucial.

“Support from family while under-going and after rehabilitation constitutes one of the core treatment components,” he said.

Social stigma or not, Dechen Dolma is happy with her decision to come here. “I came here and loved the environment at the centre. We have classes and fitness sessions and the counseling is very helpful.”

As of now, most of the clients in the centre are from Thimphu and neighbouring dzongkhags. Officials at the centre are hopeful that people from other parts of the country will also avail themselves of the facilities and the services at the centre.

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