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Soaring onion price leaves a bitter taste

Dec 27, 2010

The price of onion is shooting through the roof of the new Centenary Farmer’s Market, drilling a huge hole in the consumer’s pockets and leaving a bitter aftertaste.

Only last week, a kilogram of onions cost Nu.40 to Nu. 50. This week, consumers had to part away with Nu.70 to Nu. 80.

Tshering Dorji runs a small restaurant at the Centenary Farmer’s Market in Thimphu. His main fare is momos or dumplings which require a lot of onions to make.

“If the price increases any further, we may have to increase the price of dumplings. We can’t do that, our main customers are farmers.”

Sangay Dema, a shopper, said “price fluctuate but never before had the price gone up so high.”

The irate customers are venting their anger on the vendors who say they are helpless.

According to DS Ghalley, “the price has gone up in Siliguri itself where we had to pay Nu.65 kilogram.”

Dorji, another vendor, said “we buy onions at Nu. 60 in Siliguri and sell here at Nu. 70. This is inclusive of tax and transportation.”

Reports say the price of onions has almost doubled in India following a ban on export of onions.

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