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Technical glitch leaves contestants upset

Dec 24, 2010

With the Local Government elections drawing closer, the contestants are busy, running around, informally meeting friends and acquaintances, soliciting support, and readying the documents and papers.

Everything is going smoothly except for a small glitch. The contestants have to visit several offices to process the required papers. To make things easier, they were promised that the Election Commission will set up a ‘Single Window Service Office’ where they can process all the papers. They need not visit all the offices. It will save them a lot of time and trouble, not to mention expenses.

In Gelephu, a Single Window Service Office has been set up, as promised. However, it cannot provide all the requisite papers, as contestants are beginning to find out.

Devi Maya Bhandari, a contestant said “I approached the office. They said we have to get the necessary documents ourselves from the respective departments. This is now worrying. It will take a lot of time to visit each and every office to get the papers.”

Damber Kumar Suberi is another irate contestant. “We were earlier given to understand that this office would give us all the required documents but today, they are asking us to collect it ourselves from the different offices. I am worried that I may not be able to complete all the formalities to register for elections,” he said.

Election officials in Gelephu agreed that the Election Commission did promise to set up a one stop service centre but later realised that it was not feasible due to technical problems.

In the meantime, the Election Commission is making arrangements to assist the contestants by liaising with the respective agencies to help get their clearances at the earliest.

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