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PDP stands firm on its pledges to armed forces and religious body

May 25, 2013

PDP-Common-ForumThe People’s Democratic Party says Common Forums are necessary. The party also said it stands firm on its pledges of support to the armed forces and the religious bodies.

The statements were issued at a Press Conference last evening.

It comes after Druk Phuensum Tshogpa said common forums should be discontinued because other political parties are politicizing military and religious institutions, in a press conference, on Tuesday.

PDP’s South-Thimphu Constituency candidate, Tandin Wangmo, said common forums are not for the benefit of any political party nor it is for the benefit of candidates. “Common forum is a platform where the people can see, hear and choose from all the four parties present.”

The party also denied the allegations of politicizing religious institutions and armed forces and justified its pledges at the press conference yesterday. “When we talk about serving the armed force and religious community, it doesn’t mean that we are going to go against constitutional mandates nor are we doing this to go against the supreme authority ,” said Tandin Wangmo.

PDP added it stands firm on its pledges to support the armed forces and the religious community. Tandin Wangmo said PDP’s support for armed force and religious community doesn’t mean they are looking into the welfare of all the active serving armed forces or religious community. “We are looking into the welfare of those who have retired…we are looking to revise the pension scheme which has huge difference compared to those of our civil servants.”

9 Comments for “PDP stands firm on its pledges to armed forces and religious body”

  1. lhajigs

    PDP is always right to its wrong point and very affirmed that they wanted to reform the pension scheme of those who had already retired.indeed its very obvious that PDP can garner much help to those who had retired 3-4 decades ago…its a very wise idea and politising indirectly or directly to military forces…what is PDP thinking of themselves? shit….they just think that ruling is a piece of cake on heir table and they have money plant every direction to help here and there…was indeed a dirty promise to seek vote, but again says they are neutral and want common forum…it is indeed shameful to the individuals and the parties other than DPT…

    • Dorji

      U r a foolish person..You eat rotton cheese and ur brain is also functioning in the same manner….Foolish ppl still there…shit…DPT should be out……..

  2. Visitor

    Why should political candidates point fingers to one another. Is it necessary? Aiii Bhutan so sad, people are becoming rude just for power and pride.

  3. soda

    Can PDP really fulfill tthe promises

    • Rinchen

      If PDP can’t then there is no question DPT can because their pledges is most expensive as per Kuensel issue of 27th May 2013

  4. truthandjustice

    Its such a pity that our society is so naive and ill informed and the population gets carried away by the false promises of selfish politicians. In real sense the armed forces should never be discussed in their political dialogues. They have nothing to do with the armed forces. Does the South Thimphu candidate knows anything about the budgetary allocations of the armed forced?. Does she know our Govt doesn’t have any hand in that. Pension to the retired personnel of the armed forces????, is she going to cough that out from her pocket?. She or anybody for that matter first should understand whats its all about and yap. Just for the sake of votes dont just give a shot in the dark blindly. For heave’s sake please leave the armed forces aside………..and involve in healthy political talks in the larger interest of the nation. One should never venture into the unknown areas for own personnel greed and self interest

  5. Judgeman

    ALL PDP just blowing their baseless and useless trumpets in the air see they will realize only and the end. No one will believe in their unimaginable promises and all knows they are making such promises just for wooing votes from innocent people like themselves.


    I hope my friends are not in wrong track to expose their points of view. But the matter here is about politics and every thing is fair in love & war right! We can do nothing except writing through this blog. Politicians are well equipped with norms & mandatory of campaign than us. So, instead of wishing them please lets not make our way of behavior inhumane, who knows they may not or may be our next Govt.

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