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Bhutanese take to blogging

Dec 20, 2010

Reading books, listening to music, hanging out with friends or watching television aren’t the only things people in capital do nowadays. Blogging is the new passion for many people now.

Blogging is an online journal where writers or the bloggers post their writings on various issues, from politics to current affairs, social and personal feelings.

For many, blogging is a means of expressing themselves and their feelings while for others, it is a way to interact with people and pursue their career as a serious writers.

The most famous Bhutanese blogger is decidedly the Opposition Leader. He said he started blogging as an experiment initially. For him blogging is “a way of expressing. I can speak out my thoughts. I can pen down my thoughts into words and it feels good when people read and tell you that they kind of like your writing.”

For Pema Dekar, another Bhutanese blogger “it’s a good way to keep yourself informed about other friends and you build connection, network and you become known to your friends. Those who maintain or write blog should continue.”

Whether it is just a story or an incident that the blogger wants to share or to agree or disagree on an issue, blogging is a good way to use time and new technologies for Bhutanese bloggers.

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