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A sad home coming

Dec 19, 2010

(UPDATE) The bodies of the 18 Bhutanese pilgrims who perished in the Nepal plane crash arrived home today. They were brought in a special flight dispatched to Kathmandu by His Majesty the King.

The plane landed at the Paro airport at 2.45pm. It was a sad journey home. The scene at the Paro airport was heavy with emotion as family members and close relatives gathered to receive the bodies.

The airport was packed with people but not a sound was to be heard. The sadness was palpable. The only sound that the gathering could hear was prayers being chanted and the aircraft landing. Even the cries of the bereaved family members were muted. The grief was too heavy to bear.

As the monks led by the venerable Tsula Lopen, the Yangbi Lopen and the Drabi Lopen of the Zhung Dratsahang chanted prayers, the coffins were unloaded from the aircraft one by one, carefully, onto the ground. They were then loaded in waiting vehicles.

The Yangbi Lopen, the Gyalpoi Zimpoen, the Home Secretary and the Foreign Secretary were also present at the Paro airport to receive the bodies. An official each from His Majesty’s Secretariat was assigned to each of the deceased.

Arriving in Thimphu this evening, the bodies were received by the Home and Cultural Affairs Minister, Lyonpo Minjur Dorji and representatives from the Zhung Dratshang.

The bodies will be kept at the cremation ground overnight. The funeral will be held tomorrow.

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