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Speaker and Home Minister sentenced to prison terms

Mar 8, 2013

GyalpoizhingLandCase-VerdictThe Monggar district court, this morning, sentenced the National Assembly Speaker to two and a half years imprisonment for official misconduct in the Gyalpoizhing land allotment case.

He has been convicted for official misconduct, fraud, forgery and deceptive practices during the Gyalpoizhing land allotment between 1999 to 2002.

The Tshogpon, Jigme Tshultim, then the Monggar Dzongda had been the Chairman of the land allotment committee. The Anti-Corruption Commission has laid 23 charges against the Speaker.

The Home Minister, Minjur Dorji, is also sentenced to a year’s prison term by the court. The Home Minister also as the Monggar Dzongda, and the Chairman of the land allotment committee had allotted plots to Kharchu Dratsang, Dremitse Dratsang and Kunzang Dema.

He has been found guilty of official misconduct.

The plot allotment committee secretary, Dechen Singye, received a year’s sentence. He has been charged for allotting a plot to his sister during the Gyalpoizhing land allotment, when the Speaker was the Chairman.

Fourteen committee members have been sentenced to one year imprisonment for official misconduct. They were accused of failing to carry out their duties diligently while allotting plots to Kharchu Dratsang, Dremitse Dratsang and a Kunzang Dema.

Of the 18 total members, two are studying abroad, and two have been acquitted as they had not signed the minutes of the meeting.

All who have been sentenced can pay thrimthue or cash penalty in lieu of the sentence term.

Both the Speaker and the Home Minister have not shared if they will appeal to the High Court.


35 Comments for “Speaker and Home Minister sentenced to prison terms”

  1. sangay

    I am very much satisfied with the VERDICT.

    • Drukgimi

      i am not much satisfied the court verdict, if the court is accept the Thrimtue minimum of Nu: 100 in lieu of sentence, the speaker have to pay only Nu: 91300 just salary of a month.

    • Yeshey pai Hda chabsa mathong.Dhi baw dah phosa thong sa wai but thrim thue in lieu of sentence is hardly even a day table tour!

    • citizen

      from which angle ur satisfied with the verdict when all most all the citizen is not satisfied with it

    • soom

      what a verdict??????? they can pay……………..n stay at home safely…………5

  2. Penjore

    One of the most prominent, interesting and beautiful piece of “Case Study” of our generation.

  3. Riyang

    Small wake up calls…. (y)

  4. nightowl

    should have given more prison term. its a disgrace to DPT government….wake up Bhutan. kudos to Mongar district court.

  5. what a joke? this verdict is totally a nonsence. i know the drangpon is afraid of interpreting the law correctly to the rich and powerful. i lost faith in the Bhutanese LAW now……

    • drukpimekhung

      WEL… WEL ….WEL…. First of all GOOD. JOB FOR ACC. But why can’t you strip down from their post. Corrupted people shouldn’t hold the government post including PM, because once a cheater always a cheater. If they hold government post they will ruin the government and it’s law. SHAME ON YOU DPT… SHAME ON YOU DPT……. PM you told us we have a Ruppee crunch in our country, now we understand why we have a Ruppee crunch in our country, it’s all because of those kind of prople and one who do an illegal software business in our country. Please ACC do some investigation on illegal software business.

  6. Dorji

    Were you the judge. Judge doesn’t sentence based on ur sentiments. For convicts, their career is over. That is the punishment…

  7. changa

    if dad do that ways,surely son ll do,so acc should look extra after their family character,they might do same procedure…….

  8. DPT...

    1 of the verdict home minister,where he is contructing his resort at tgang also seeks govt.employee to do his contruction work,is it right to command to do???ACC should be be the right to look after those thing,not only his past problem even he is doing in present…..

  9. chezang

    HAHA….what a joke. Its like they can pay their son’s pocket money and save life in prison. Everyone would wish to be them.

  10. I am not much satisfied the court verdict, if the court is accept the Thrimtue minimum of Nu: 100 in lieu, They are highly paid and the Thrimtue are 100% equalvalent to national labour who get their daily wage….need to think and Thrimtue need to be incresed la…….

  11. The court verdict was not satisfied one , if the court is accept the Thrimtue minimum of Nu: 100 in lieu only,Why?We should know that they are highly paid and the Thrimtue are 100% equalvalent to national labour who get their daily wage….need to think and Thrimtue need to be incresed la…….

  12. Songya la

    When a person smuggles a packet of cigarette he is sentenced to imprisonment and when the ministers misuse their power with the national property, which is a criminal breach of trust is only sentenced with fine. Acc should appeal for an enhancement of punishment. This court has balance the offence and the punishment.

  13. Tsk tsk

    From what angle you are not satisfied….would you still be not satisfied if they were your parents,,,why just think along monetary values,,,what about the trauma they and their family must have undergone….are our Bhutanese ppl so ruthless…common ….

  14. FutureCitizen

    The verdict is totally insane, after all the court is asking them to refund a small amount of money that they have snatched from the government & people till now. It’s not fair for innocent citizen, people will lose faith in judicial system of our country. I feel sorry!……..

  15. Dats gr8,bt i dont kno y its vry less terms of jail sentence for big big crime n vry highly charged for very small crimes like carrrying few bundle of tobbaco.HOW n WHY????…is it justics???

  16. soda

    All this happened politically.

  17. soda

    Simple sector heads and Offtg. Sector heads getting the same verdict was not that good. As a member , he/she can not go against their boss(the chairman). Who knows, may b they were forced to sign on it.

  18. dorji

    Justice is not done. These people have violated the royal ‘Kasho’ deliberately, yet they’re given minimal prison terms. Equity and Justice does not exist! Laws seem to be meant for only common men, whereas the aristocrat are above law…

    There has been such a hype… but at the end it’s the ‘Judiciary System’ of Bhutan who has failed to serve its people…

  19. BBS BBS BBS wake up and why dont you all consult live telecast with the people of Gyalposhing,Opposition leader, MP’s NC’s,Senior Officials and retired Senior officials. This is rediculous that after going against Royal Kasho they are punished only for few year term that is also on bailable basis. If this is the condition there are lots of peole behin Bar by misusing few thousands of Govt. Fund and now Govt. should get refund from them and release from JAil. Here after Bhutan shouldnt have judicery System.

  20. Chemi Choden

    Now I don’t think that speaker & Home Minister would get chance to contest for upcoming election 2013

  21. citizen

    @Tsk tsk……..woa!……….so sympathetic!
    What type of trauma they and their family will undergo….just to pay Thrimtue of Nu. 100/day…………and think of people who was imprisoned for carrying few bundle of tobacco products…….that’s was three years?????

  22. Kezang Dorji

    Any way, the ACC had done a great job to fight a war against corrupted people. Congratulation to all ACC teams.

  23. ZHABDU


  24. junior79

    As of I see and view….. We need to find sollution to the chaos and problems rather than further creating it by blaming each other. Lets kill the unwanted fire by stopping to add further fuel/wood.
    These two powerful fellows must have done wrong things for sure. If there had not been a fire there would not be the smoke. However, the situation and environment then was different. I think the Drangpon had to go through very difficult times and situation to pass the verdict as convict to these two powerful fellows. If we further beat around the bush and play games over the same story we are going to drain out time and resources which could be used for further improvements of our system.
    Past is past. Do not let the past misdoings slow us in improvements. We have to live the present and guard the future. Let us learn from the past rather than thinking of accusing and punnishing every Tom, Dick and Harry. Lets move forward and act humanly.
    Now lets not support, allow, tolerate and do corruption. Lets fight corruption if it arise.
    Lets close the past chapter……. and begin a new brighter future…
    We have to sometimes understand that if a raw fresh meat is kept infront of a cat what would happen? Lets change our mindset. Lets change our happy go easy life lifestyle. Lets stop playing blame game. Lets become serious about what is next to come. Lets be just humane.

  25. 1. I think while the Judge has tried to do his best, he has forgotten to segregate the case between which can be bailed and which cannot be bailed. For instance in the case of Dechen singye and Tshogpen, I think it should be non-bailable as they have personally benefited though fraud, deception and tampering of documents which fall under NA-1 of Thrinzhung Chemo. Dechen Singye obtained land in the name of his sister through fraudulent means and later sold by him with huge profit. Similarly, Tshogpen has registered land in his maid name and his sons’s name. These two have personal benefits through criminal and fraudulent act. They should be behind the bar at least for a few months and then later bail out through kidu of His Majesty. Whereas others like HOme MInister has not per sonally beneiftted it was a sheer negligence and misuse of official authority without the criminal intent and tampering of documents like Dechen Singye and Tshogpen.
    2. The other committee members have been given higher punishment, they could appeal to the higher authority for lighter court judgement. These people have no authority but to complete the formality of those decisions of the Chairpersons of the Land Committee supported by greedy people like Dechen Singye.
    3. In my sense, Dechen Singye and Tshogpen need to be behind the bar as they have criminal intent and personally profited. Also Court may justify how could someone convicted under NA-1 for falsification and tampering of documents could be considered for payment of Thrimthue. In the Gelephu land case of tampering of documents during the land transaction, people were jailed. Need to look into the consistency of the interpretation of the criminal nature of the case. Not on the like, whims and fancy of someone.

  26. atm

    Wen innocent does they will bring up complex laws n wen high official does they make laws game. Did justice went fair at first place.
    GNH country for big fish, innocent remains fool at the end.
    After doing crimes how they can contests for next election at first place. 2.5 n 1 yr imprisonment they deserve live time.

  27. All i cn say is Very big job Acc n nt yet satisfied vit those punishement ..to those idiots

  28. Chokie

    Ha… They thought that they can do away with the Crime.
    But is the justice verdict is to say that I illegally transact a govt land for Millions and I pay only thousands for penalties.
    This I think is not fair.
    They must have been kept non-compoundable….PRISON WITHOUT BAIL…

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