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Private museum inaugurated

Mar 7, 2013

A new private museum was inaugurated in Paro, today. The Druk Home Museum will exhibit historical and religious artifacts and will be open to the public from tomorrow.

The Museum will display various traditional and religious objects. The co-proprietor, Kinga, says the highlight of the museum will be the different types of Kabneys on display.

The museum currently has three working staff including the two proprietors. The museum will be open on throughout the week.


2 Comments for “Private museum inaugurated”

  1. tashi phuntsho

    wonderful news!!
    would have been better if the location is given.

  2. ugyen

    IT is located at Nemjo. To be exact, it is the first and a single traditional house on the left side of the road when you drive from Paro town towards Lango. It is less than 500 meters after town.

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