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United Sikkim FC defeats Yeedzin FC

Mar 7, 2013

Baichung BhutiaUnited Sikkim FC defeated Yeedzin FC by four goals to two in the final match played in Thimphu, yesterday. Thousands of spectators came to watch the final game. They had especially come to watch the former Indian football captain and co-owner of United Sikkim, Baichung Bhutia play.Baichung-Bhutia

Of the three friendly matches, United Sikkim FC won only one match. The two other matches against Drukpol FC and Zimdra FC, ended in draw.

The matches were organised by Woezer events in collaboration with Bhutan Football Federation.

The United Sikkim FC’s team left the country this morning.


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 Extensive interview with Baichung Bhutia

4 Comments for “United Sikkim FC defeats Yeedzin FC”

  1. tshering tashi

    i was not dissatified by result, but i was very much ashamed and frustrated by the fact that ply board that was used for side ground board was being used for carrying the injuried player. it was big shame for Bhutan football federation and for us aswell.
    That shows how much support is being showed by corncern authority.

    I am hoping that instead of filling ones belly how about supporting sports.

    It will be long way to go if we don’t stop such kind of culture, wake up fellas n cheer for sports.

  2. tp

    Well, It was really a good experience for all of us. I look forward so such local as well as international events.
    Congrats to Woezer Events for such an initiative and Drukpol, Yeedzin and Zimdra.
    Regarding the Stretcher lets us take it positively and learn from it.

    Lets rock it………….

  3. well it was a good experience for both the spectators and players too………. we really enjoyed the game…… about stretcher i am also ashamed of it but let us hope that in future it doesn’t happen…. BFF have to pull up their socks…..

  4. pemadorji

    Though Drukpol and zimdra draw against sikkim, but the champs of the national league lost against sikkim, many specators were expecting a win!!!. This shows that the champs has not been praticing since they had won the league….
    I dont know how they are going to perform in the AFC …….. eventhough, GOOD WISHES!!!!
    THE BFF must do their their duties well!!! It is complusory to call an ambulance before a match…
    but i had not see them doing them even in the NATIONAL LEAGUE!!!
    Whatever need to thank god, BAICHUNG didnt get injured!!!

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